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Cybersecurity Cooperative

July 01, 2022


Ozzie Hernandez, WAN-LAN Systems Analyst • (361) 561-8449 •


  • HB 3834 (86R) requires that employees of LEAs complete a cybersecurity training program certified by the Department of Information Resources (DIR). ESC-2 is pleased to provide LEAs a certified training program through INFOSEC IQ.



  • Anti-phishing and security awareness training from Security IQ, a computer-based enterprise training platform, offers a proactive approach to reducing the risk of an information security incident. Train, test, and gauge your network users' ability to recognize and mitigate spyware, malware, phishing schemes, and any malicious email.


The training program allows LEAs to meet the requirements for cybersecurity training established under HB 3834 (86R).

$4.12/licensed user


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